Monday, January 21, 2013

We are never too old to learn, and right at this point in my life I am overjoyed for that.
I have hidden away from life much of the past several years due to the scars and wounds from being a victim of spousal abuse.
I have been divorced for 8 years, and although that is not the subject of this blog posting, I wanted to put that out there first so some of you have a little background on why I am praising the Lord for monumental steps in my life.
I have separated my emotions from most things as a form of defense, to block out any more unpleasantness. I knew I was not living my life the way the Lord was calling me to do. I was allowing fear from the past to cloud my mind and put this wall up around me.
On January 3, 2013 we received a call from back home in Ohio, that my stepson (my current husband's son) had been involved in a car accident and was life- flighted to a trauma hospital. He had a tear in his aorta, which was found once arriving, it is common for that type of injury in most car accidents, if he had not been life- flighted he would have bled out at the scene.  The decision was made to call in a helicopter because he had told the medics he could not feel his legs. That terrible tragedy saved his life.
I also have two son's myself from my previous marriage, and my oldest son Rob has Muscular Dystrophy, he is currently living in Ohio in a small apartment, not ideal living conditions to say the least.
Fast forward to today, and after much pondering and praying, my husband and I feel led to bring them both out to Idaho where we currently live. The Lord has healed my scars and pain from the past and opening my heart more and more every day, allowing me to genuinely feel His love and to share His love with others.
We are not being heroic and we are not special, we are listening to the voice of our Lord and being obedient to His call, that our  and His children need our support and care.
Opening up and loving unconditionally is something reached only through Jesus Christ, we are unable to. If you still hurt or have scars from your past, and are withholding feelings turn to the Father for complete healing, and allow Him to nuture you back to health and to the kind of person He wants you to be.

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Anonymous said...

Our family past can be one of the biggest tools satan uses against us. Our Lord Jesus is much bigger than anything satan can toss at us, Glad to hear you have turn it all over to Him.